Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition the Most Accurate Speech Recognition Software

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Product Description

Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Premium is perfect if you want a robust speech recognition solution that enables you to accomplish more on your computer in less time by talking instead of typing so you can realize your potential at work, school or home. It lets you dictate documents naturally with up to 99% accuracy and control your computer and applications using simple voice commands for significant productivity gains and reduced stress and strain on your arms, neck or back. Whether you’re a student, teacher, professor, self-employed worker, writer/blogger, consultant or anyone who spends a lot of time on a computer, you can use Dragon speech recognition to complete everyday tasks or large work projects faster than you ever thought possible.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition the Most Accurate Speech Recognition Software

Dragon® 13 Premium takes voice command to the next level with enhanced features for greater accuracy and speed when creating documents, emailing, searching the web and more – at work, school, on the go, or in the office. Get the world’s best-selling and most accurate speech recognition software for the PC, used by millions of people. Makes the perfect gift.


  • Bundle includes: Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition, Official Training Video, and Headset
  • The world’s best-selling speech recognition software
  • Work in a relaxed hands-free mode
  • Dragon 13 Premium gets you up-to 99.9% accuracy out-of-the-box
  • No hassle 30-day money back guarantee


Time-savings features

Meet your faster, better, smarter Dragon. The new Dragon 13 adapts to the way you work to provide the fastest and most accurate way to control your computer or tablet and help boost your productivity — three times faster than typing — with up to 99% accuracy.


Faster than ever and better performance

Get more done faster with greater efficiency. Use your voice to create reports, spreadsheets, and presentations. Zip through your email inbox, even capture notes on the go and sync them back to your PC. Make your daily to-do list vanish before lunch.

Dictate 3x faster than you can type and in more places

Dictate text anywhere you normally type within popular applications and “proofread” with natural-sounding text-to-speech and audio playback.

Go hands free and headset free

Dragon works with more computer applications and offers multiple microphone options, including those built into many of the latest laptops, so you type even less and can use Dragon without a headset.


Product Overview

The fastest and most accurate way to interact with your computer that dramatically boosts your personal productivity and helps you realize your full potential.
You can talk up to three times faster than you can type. With Dragon, you simply talk and your words appear on screen, enabling you to get more done faster than you can using a keyboard and mouse alone. Dragon 13 not only delivers high speech recognition accuracy right out of the gate, but it gets smarter as it learns the words and phrases you use the most, spelling even difficult words and proper names correctly.

Freedom and flexibility to work the way you want:
Computers are more portable and lightweight than ever, making it easy to take them with you for on-the-go productivity. Dragon enables you to use your computer in a comfortable, ergonomic way — without having to use a keyboard or mouse. Dictate documents, launch applications, select menu items, execute key functions, and switch from one window to another using simple voice commands. Dragon supports microphones built into many of the latest laptops for optimal flexibility and convenience. You’re now free to dictate documents and speak commands directly into your laptop without using a headset.

Easy to get started, easy to master:
Dragon makes it easy to get started with speech recognition and to become proficient quickly with regular use. It’s also simple to explore more advanced features that can boost your productivity even further. Providing fast, easy set-up, helpful tutorials, and intuitive access to a rich and powerful feature set, Dragon 13 enables you to experience the benefits of speech recognition right away and realize ever-increasing productivity gains the more you use it.